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Why do we need your mobile number?

For your security we may occasionally need some additional information before you can access Online Banking or when you are shopping online.

One of the ways we do this is by asking you to provide a one time passcode (OTP). We'll send this passcode to the mobile number we hold for you. The one time passcode (OTP) is a way to allow us to make sure it's you accessing your accounts online / making the online purchases.

We'll text you whenever we think anything is unusual, for example if you're logging in from somewhere new or using a new device.

We also need your mobile number when you're registering for Online Banking, our Mobile App, or if you ever forget your login details, as we'll send you an activation code by text message. Without it, we'd need to send you an activation code by post, which could take a few days instead of a real-time SMS.

Your mobile number is also used for security alerts and if you've set them up various account and activity alerts. You may also receive automated Fraud messages when we need to confirm unusual activity on your account, so it's important it's up to date.

You can update your mobile at any time by contacting us, though it can take up to 3 days to show in Online Banking.