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What are the different types of debit card transactions I can lock using my app?

Full lock / freeze on my debit card

What does the full lock / freeze functionality do to my debit card?

If you are a personal and / or business customer with an active debit card, you can lock / freeze and unlock / unfreeze your debit card via the mobile app.

This gives you the ability to self-serve by locking/unlocking or freezing/unfreezing your debit card in real-time, and can be accessed via ‘Manage my card’ in the mobile app.

The full lock prevents use of your debit card and any payments being made on your debit card.

For example, if you have misplaced your debit card you can instantly lock / freeze your card so that it cannot be used until you have found it or until you have ordered a new one.

What happens if my card is locked / frozen but I still need cash?

If you have an active debit card with the full lock / freeze on, you can still access cash by using the ‘Get Cash’ feature on the mobile app.

To find out more about how to use Get Cash, just search 'Get Cash' on our FAQs page.

How do I lock / freeze my debit card?

To lock / freeze your debit card in the mobile app, all you need to do is:

  • Open up the mobile app
  • Select the account and card you wish to apply the debit card lock to
  • Select Manage My Card
  • Click Lock / Freeze Card

To lock / unlock your debit card through the mobile app you need to:

  • Have already registered with our mobile banking app
  • Have updated the mobile app to the latest version

Which debit card transactions will be declined when my debit card has a full lock / freeze on it?

The following transactions will be declined when a debit card is locked:

  • ATM withdrawals
  • Subscriptions
  • Apple Pay/Google Pay
  • E-commerce (although some payments may be initially authorised, these will be later declined by the retailer)
  • Branch Teller
  • In-person (chip and pin)
  • Contactless

Card payment controls on my debit card

What are card payment controls on my debit card?

We have a new functionality where you can choose to toggle on and off in real time which payment type you would like to put a control on that blocks and prevents payments of that type.

You can choose any combination of these card payment controls:

  • In-person
  • Contactless
  • Online and Telephone

What will the happen if I turn on the In-Person card payment control on my debit card?

In-Person card payment control prevents all your debit card Point of Sale payments initiated via Chip & PIN, Chip & signature, magstripe / swipe and contactless (card and devices).

Please note, this control will not prevent the below:

  • Taking cash out at cash machines
  • Payments authorised before you switched on this control
  • Payments processed by a retailer before the retailer checks with us, for example, if you buy something on a plane

How does the In-Person card payment control affect using my debit card on Public Transport?

For your debit card with the In-Person control set to on, when you first tap your debit card accessing a transport system the payment will not be declined because the transport merchant does not take payment instantly.

At the end of the day, which may be after you have completed your journey, the transport merchant will attempt to take the payment from your debit card and at which point will be prevented because you’ve got the In-Person control on.

Subsequently the next time you attempt to gain access to that same transport system by tapping your card, you will be denied access at that point because that specific transport merchant has recognised your card from before.

If you want to use that particular transport system, you can toggle off the control in the mobile app in real-time providing you have internet access.

What will the happen if I turn on the Contactless payment control on my debit card?

The contactless card payment control prevents all your debit card contactless payments, both Card and device based (i.e. Apple Pay and Google Pay).

This includes:

  • Contactless Purchases
  • Apple Pay and Google Pay when tapping your device
  • Use on Public Transport (please see above for more detail)

What will the happen if I turn on the Online and Telephone card payment control on my debit card?

Turning on the Online and Telephone card payment control prevents the following payments on your debit card:

  • E-commerce payments
  • Mail order payments
  • Telephone order payments

These may also include the likes of: (please see our Glossary of terms below for more details about these debit card transaction types)

  • PayPal
  • In app purchases
  • Card payments made from a digit wallet
  • Subscription payment set up
  • Amazon payments
  • One Time Passcodes
  • Customer Tokens
  • Online purchases and shopping with manually entered card details
  • Online purchases with saved card details
  • Ride-sharing services
  • Individual food orders (e.g. pizza delivery) that are purchased online. However, if you already subscribe to a meal delivery service that bills you weekly or monthly for the food it provides, then those recurring transactions will not be prevented.
  • Online Registration Fees - e.g. Vehicle Registration, conferences

What happens if I have a card payment control on and the full lock / freeze on the same debit card?

All debit card payments will be prevented and you may receive a notification of decline.

Is turning on all three card payment controls the same as turning on the full lock / freeze?

No, because full lock / freeze covers a wider range of payments that the card payment controls do not cover, such as ATM withdrawals.

What happens to my card payment controls when I order a new debit card or have a replacement debit card arrive in the post?

Once you see your new card displayed within the mobile app, you will need to set the controls again.

Glossary of terms relating to debit card transactions and card payment controls.


Mail Order Purchases

When you complete a form for example in a catalogue and you mail the form in the post with your details on it.

Telephone Purchases

When you are purchasing goods or services over the phone and providing your debit card details to make your payment.


Is a type of e-commerce payment whereby your debit card is linked to your Paypal account.

In app purchases

When you have set up your debit card details in an app and they are then used by the app on your device to make a payment.

Subscription Payments

Is when you use your debit card to set up any regular subscription payment. The merchant may do a one-off check on the debit card there and then, and then the regular payments will occur.

Customer Tokens

Some online merchants, for security reasons, create tokens from your debit card details instead of retaining your full debit card details.