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Why am I seeing a scam warning when trying to make a payment?

We are introducing educational content to you when you are making a new payment to make you stop and think, and reduce the likelihood of scams being successful.

Why is the scam warning shown for some payments and not others?

Fraudsters can be very convincing and people can fall victim in a number of ways. By having the message present when you make a new payment, we give you an opportunity to read tailored guidance to make sure you can be confident in the payment you're making.

Why is the scam warning shown for Pay your contacts/PayM when I know who I'm paying?

Pay your contacts/PayM allows you to transfer money by simply entering a mobile number- the payee doesn’t need to be a known or saved contact. Therefore people can still fall victim to scams through this payment method.

Where can I gain more information on making payments safely?

You can tap on the scam warning box when paying someone new to be given advice on a number of different payments. You can also visit our Security Centre (opens in a new window) for more information on how to stay safe.

Can you tell me if I’m being scammed before I make a payment?

We can provide guidance on how to make payments safely however we also need you to stop and consider whether a payment instruction could be a scam.

You are the first line of defence and are often best placed to challenge any request for payment. The risk that a payment request could be a scam must always be considered and if there is any doubt about a request, further checks must be undertaken.

You have a responsibility to ensure you are satisfied that you are not making the payment as a result of a scam before continuing.

Why might I lose my money if the payment is a scam?

Most payments are processed immediately after you authorise them.

This means that by the time people realise it’s a scam, the money has reached the destination account and will very likely have been withdrawn or moved, making it difficult to track and recover funds.