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When will my debit card arrive?

When your debit card arrives will depend on a number of circumstances. If you live outside the UK the timescales will be longer depending on your countries postal service.

New, replacement or cards ordered by our card loss team

Your debit card will arrive within ten working days from when it is ordered.

If you have ordered a new debit card, please call telephone banking when you receive the card. We can activate the debit card and send you a PIN number.

Expiring debit cards

Your replacement debit card will arrive at least one week before the existing card is due to expire. The date on which your debit card will expire is the last day of the month in the year printed on the front of your debit card. It is shown as 'Expires End MM/YY'.

Please begin to use your replacement debit card as soon as it has arrived and securely destroy your old debit card.

Please note: If you haven't used your debit card for at least 13 months prior to expiry, we don't automatically replace your card. (using your debit card with your card-reader to approve a new payee within Online Banking will not be recognised as card activity).

Please remember to amend any existing payments you have set up your old debit card number such as magazine subscriptions, online shopping sites or annual insurance renewals.