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What is a 'returned item' fee?

You would have paid a returned item fee if you went over your overdraft limit trying to make a payment and there were not enough funds in your account. This would result in us not being able to make the payment. For example if you had a direct debit of £20 due when you only had £10 of available funds left in your account (including any arranged overdraft facility) you will be charged.

Please note that it is possible to incur both a returned item fee and/or an unarranged overdraft fee on your account on the same day or as a result of a single transaction (for example where we take a returned item fee from your account and this creates an unarranged overdraft of greater than £6 on your account).

When charged

21 days after the end of the charging period in which we decide not to make the payment (or the next business day if this is a Saturday Sunday or Bank Holiday). The charging period normally ends on the date that we issue your statement to you.

Fee Amount

£6 for each returned item (subject to a maximum of £60 in any charging period).

For further information please see our rates and charges (opens in a new window).